This AMAZING shot was taken in Costa Rica by Matt Adame from Soul Arch Photography.
The date is April 22, 2006, and it is about 7:30AM...  the water temp is 85 degrees
Fahrenheit and the air temp is about 90... what a sweet wave... I remember the amazing
feeling as I made the bottom turn and I could feel the wall of water rushing by me just
inches from my face ...and I was thinking: "I sure hope Matt got a shot of this one!"
This grainy night shot is also from Costa Rica, as I
was coming through the jungle back to the house
after another fantastic sunset surf session... the
look on my face says it all... if only I could put that
feeling in a bottle, I'd give it away for free to
everyone in the whole world... this is why we surf!
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Of course, most of the time I'm on dry land, and I was blessed recently to get this
new skateboard that helps me keep my stoke going on days when asphalt is the best
available option... Here I am street surfing by my Mom's house in New Jersey      
(Nov. 25, 2006)...

Yeah, I know you're probably wondering why I'm all dressed up... well, we had just
come back from a funeral and we all needed some cheering up... so I entertained my
sister's kids while her husband Walker took this great photo...  the kids kept
shouting out to me, "Do some tricks!  Do some tricks!"  I'm thinking... "Where's Tony
Hawk when you need him?"  
I'm getting ready to go into the studio soon to start recording a new album, "Across
the Open Sky"...  I'm really excited about this new collection of songs, which are kind
of like an amazing blend of acoustic rock, country and emo...  So, I thought maybe I'd
get me a cowboy hat for this one (lol)...  I took this shot myself, using the timer on the
Nikon... (Jan. 24, 2007, goofing around in the kitchen at 7 SunnyB.)
This is another test shot for the new album ...I took it myself using the timer on the
Nikon...  I praise God for the technology these days that enables us to capture
moments like these, and to be able to do it so economically...  (Jan. 24, 2007)
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