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Another beautiful
sunset at our favorite
Costa Rican surf spot...

The sun sets here into
the pink tangerine
twilight every day
year-round at almost
exactly the same time
(about 5:30PM)... this is
due to Costa Rica being
located a mere 9 or 10
latitude degrees north
of the Equator (which is
also why the water is so
amazingly warm)...

Check out those
die-hards still in the
water trying to grab a
few last waves before
dark... I'm usually one of
them (lol)...
Each new day brings its own new beauty... At water's edge in the late morning, as the sun
rises higher and the temperature soars well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit,  maybe the
best thing to do is just sit under a shady palm tree and admire God's handiwork.
(Photo by Matt Epstein)
....However, there is always a high price to be paid here for
staying out in the water so late:  As soon as the daylight begins
to fade, the mosquitoes come out with a vengeance, swarming
upon us in "full attack mode" as we scramble back home along
the path through the jungle. (!)                            
(Photo by Matt Epstein)  
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This AMAZING photo by Matt Epstein is further proof that Costa Rican nights offer
their own rewards.  Here the Volcano known as Arenal, which has been erupting
regularly since the late 1960's, sends forth a dramatic flow of red hot lava and giant
boulders under the bright light of a full moon on this clear night in April 2006.  Even
at a distance of nearly 5 miles away, this massive display of Nature's Fury is truly
Of course, most of the time, we
can't be in such idyllic places...
but that doesn't mean that we
can't see nature's amazing
beauty... check out this beautiful
sunset as seen through the
windows of Chicago's O'Hare
Airport (Feb. 5, 2007).
Okay, so I admit I struggled hard to not be a
total grump about the announcement that
my flight would be delayed for 4 hours...

I kept looking for something positive about
the situation, looking for some ray of light...
and then I literally found one: the setting
sun sent an amazing amber beam through
the window that bathed the whole terminal
in a beautiful, golden warm glow...

Like so many things in life, it didn't last very
long, so I made sure to make the most of it.
As I turned the camera to myself, I realized once
again that life is what it is, a journey through
both the good times and the "not so much"...

And through it all, whatever it is we are going
, whether it's relatively minor
inconveniences like delayed flights, or the
seriously bad stuff that can shatter your soul,  
we just have to ask God for the strength to
endure... and remember that every once in
awhile, the sun will shine on us.
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